RICOH Launches PENTAX K-1 Mark II-Entry level Full Frame Digital SLR Camera

PENTAX K-1 Mark II , pixelrajeev

RICOH Launches PENTAX K-1 Mark II, An Entry Level Full Frame Digital SLR Camera :

A successor to the PENTAX K-1 full-frame DSLR camera launched way back April 2016, on 21st FEB 2018 Imaging Corporation RICOH Launches PENTAX K-1 Mark II Entry level Full Frame Digital SLR Camera. Its compact, rugged and weather-resistant, dust-resistant (as most of the times). PENTAX K-1 Mark II now becomes one of the high end camera from home of Pentax. This is a upgrade so one can expect some newest of technologies inside this new beast. This can help in delivering a better and outstanding image quality along with broader range of shooting condition because weather shield and its revolutionary Pixel Shift Resolution System II.

An Upgrade to Ricoh’s Pixel Shift Resolution System I :

One of the most exciting feature of Mark II is Ricoh’s Pixel Shift Resolution System II. This was first introduced in Pentax K-1 and was really exciting as this was the first time anything like this was introducing to a camera. With the Pixel Shift Resolution System II, the camera also obtains RGB color data, resulting in images with significantly finer details and truer colors than those produced by typical full-frame sensors. A quick turn back to Pixel Shift technology is. In simple terms, if you shooting handheld then the camera will remove any shake from the picture by taking multiple exposure shots and then creating one final image without any blur or shake. Suppose you are shooting a building and some bird flies across then you wont see any bird in the final picture. PST (Pixel Shift technology) will remove the movement from the picture and you will get sharp image without the need of a tripod.

Entry level Full Frame Digital SLR Camera , pixelrajeev

Low Light Performance :

Another specification is, PENTAX K-1 Mark II equipped with full-frame Anti-aliasing CMOS sensor with 36.4 megapixels as its predecessor model. But, Ricoh has added a new accelerator unit to the PENTAX K-1 Mark II that—along with the camera’s PRIME IV image processor—enables it to produce high-resolution images with minimal noise in even in the most challenging low-light conditions, up to ISO 819200. This makes the new camera ideal for low-light photography where higher shutter speeds are required.

Some additional and impressive futures includes a sturdy anti dust magnesium-alloy body with weather-resistant construction; an optical viewfinder with a nearly 100-percent field of view for real-time subject confirmation; Astro Tracer, which simplifies the tracing and photographing of cosmic objects like stars and galaxies by coupling GPS data with the camera’s sophisticated SRII mechanism; and a flexible tilt-type LCD monitor to accommodate various shooting angles.

RICOH Launches PENTAX K-1 Mark II Full-Frame Digital SLR Camera

Pricing and Availability :

The Pentax K-1 Mark II suggested price will be around £1,850 and could be launched in Mar end or April 2018.

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