Landscape Photography For Beginners

Landscape Photography For Beginners

Landscape Phtography
Exif: Nikon D3300, Aperture: ƒ/8.0 @18.0 mm, Shutter speed : 1/200, ISO: 400

Look Deep into NATURE and then You will Understand Everything Better ………….! Albert Einstein

There is something special about wilderness. The beauty of being free and close to nature is something one can hardly explain. This is one of the most fascinating aspect of photography. You can capture the sweet silence around you with mountains, river and sunset creating a canvas that you can only dream of. We just want to capture this moment and cherish it all our lifetime.

This is one of my favorite genre and will always be.

The scope of landscape photography is immense. You just have to be there at right place in right time with some photography essential tools which would eventually help you grow as a photographer.
Here We will discuss tools and few tips required to shoot Landscapes :

Small Aperture

Landscape photography is all about creating a image which shows depth of scene, like from a distant mountain to a closest lake. To get everything in focus we need to use small aperture opening i.e. bigger F number like f/8.0 or f/16.0 or f/22.0.  This aperture setting will keep everything in focus, background as well as foreground.

Now here comes the trick, Since at f/8.0 or f/16.0 or f/22.0 you are not allowing sensor to gather much light due to small aperture opening.  So if light is enough there will be no issue but, if suppose there are looming clouds then you need to slow down your shutter speed to allow more light to enter in camera may be 1/100 or 1/60. With shutter speed at 1/100 you can manage handheld shot but at 1/60 there is a high possibility of camera shake which will cause a blurry image. To avoid this you need to use another tool which is Tripod.


If you want to take sharp images of landscape where lighting is low, then in order to get the perfect exposure we need to use a slower shutter speed.  A slow shutter speed allows more light to reach to sensor where camera shutter is completely open for the entire duration of capture. To avoid any camera shake we have to use tripod and it should  be rock solid to hold the heaviest of lenses you are using without getting affected from wind or any other vibration thorough external system.

Wide-Angle lens 

Wide angle lenses are mostly preferred for landscape photography because they cover the broader view of  scene and actually gives a sense that you are right into that place. These type of lenses generally covers more wider view than the human eyes which is 35mm (based on assumption). For landscape we mostly prefer lenses with focal lengths 16-35mm, anything broader than this like 11mm will create a fisheye effect which doesn’t look natural.

Capturing Details

While shooting landscape shot each minor details matters like a flow of water, shadow of mountain into a lake or  backdrop mountain peak which is covered with clouds. You can get experimental with every details and try different shot with different angle.

Like if you working on a moving water then you can create stunning white silky water effect with slow shutter speed or you can use a still water as an mirror for mountain.

Best Time 

The sun plays a vital role in landscape photography. It creates a beautiful lighting surrounded with sunset color and magical reflection on water as well. Best time for any landscape photography is the golden hour which are first hour after sunrise or last hour before sunset or half an hour after sunset.

Conclusion :

The beauty of landscape photography is not as easy to shoot as it looks. Photographer do wait for hours or even for a whole day just for one perfect shot. It needs great patience and adequate tools and most importantly help from nature god as well to create perfect sunset or a lighting conditions. If nature is not with you, it can also turn out to be a extreme disappointment. But, once you get that one special magical shot, you will feel you own the world, this will surely make your day. Gradually skills develops to create a better and striking shot on your own.

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