Different Photography Styles and Genres Explained for Beginners

Photography Styles and Genres:

Photography is one of the most popular hobbies these days. The evolvement of high megapixels camera with good enough sensors in mobile or the dropping cost of entry level Digital SLRs are just helping this to grow faster as it never was. The definition of photography has changed over times with the invent of dual setup lenses on mobile, in-built camera processing, better sensors and image editing tools. On the other hand every photographer has a different taste. Some loves shooting Landscapes and some likes Portraits or a Macro shot. The likes and dislikes vary from each photographer. In this blog you will see Different Photography Styles and Genres Explained for Beginners.

So As a beginner you will have lot many tools to explore each aspect of photography which can be confusing sometimes and can even distract you. I would suggest everyone to stick to basic first and learn tips and tricks to utilize maximum whatever you have. Once you start photography, you will feel automatically that you are more inclined towards one specific genre/theme which you like to shoot more often than not. You might be more interested in macro photography or in wildlife or it could be a scenic Landscape. Anything among these can motivate you to go deeper and further into this journey. So, here I will be explaining some most popular genre/themes of photography which is most common and what they are all about :

So Let’s Start ..

Landscape Photography

There is something special about wilderness. The beauty of being free and close to nature is something no one can explain. This is one of the most fascinating aspect of photography. You can capture the sweet silence around you with mountains, river and sunset creating a canvas that you can only dream of. You just want to capture this moment and cherish it all your lifetime. This is one of my favorite genre and will always be.

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Tools and few tips required to shoot Landscapes… Read more :

Long Exposure photography

In long exposure photography we capture the stationary object sharply while blurring the moving elements in the scene. This is quite different from conventional photography where we capture images with shortest possible shutter speed to get everything super sharp.

This type of photography can be called as slow shutter or a time exposure photography because camera shutter is open for rather longer period of time than usual. One can use a slow shutter in a different way, like to blur the moving object, creating a light trails, water waves smoothened or even capturing star trails in sky. You can experiment with different things with slow shutter and you will get some amazing results.

There is no specific rule that how slow shutter should be. It generally depends on what you are actually shooting and what type of result you want. For example, to photograph star trails in sky you have to keep shutter open for longer period of time because Earth takes time to move which will create the trails of star. On the other hand if you want to shoot simple traffic light trails then you will need a faster shutter speed than what we used for start trails.

long exposure

Tools and few tips required to shoot long exposure shots… Read more :

Candid Photography

As its name suggest, In candid photography there is no specific prior planning of posing or getting prepared for click. In this photography, subject generally unaware of click which results real emotion or reaction in a picture which is not possible with a posed subject.

Macro Photography

Macro photography is a extreme close-up photography of any subject or living specifies. We generally refer this extreme close-up subject with life size and its generally compared in ratio like 1:1 or 1:2 or 2x magnification. 1:2 means subject on sensor projects double the size of what we see them in real. There are dedicated lens in market for macro photography, however many people uses some hacks or techniques which produces great macro results and costs nothing.

macro, pixelrajeev

Architectural Photography

Architectural photography is all about capturing designs of old big forts, tall buildings and structures, bridges, flyovers, houses or even a factories. Today we are seeing engineering on a different level where engineers wants to show up their work differently and uniquely to impress their clients. This is what working in favor of  those who like to capture some exceptional work by engineer.


This photography is not about capturing only the exterior of buildings, it include internal designs as well. Its more about depicting how beautiful the architecture is from all possible angles.

Portrait Photography

This is one of the most popular photography genre. This photography is all about tight capturing of subject’s personality in the way that there should not be much space left in a picture. A subject should be beautifully focused with great details and it should appear natural too. It is one of the most difficult and challenging form of photography which requires skills and patience as well.


The beautiful part of this type of photography is, you don’t need fancy and expensive accessories to capture the portrait. A good prime lens with bigger opening and a digital SLR’s will do it for you.

Minimalistic Photography

As the name suggest minimalism is the concept which depends on high simplicity and plain background with no or minimal subject. The compositional part of this photography should be minimal like subject, color, line or shape. In today’s time where everyone is looking for bright colors and high contrast photos, minimal photography provides a refreshing look and different aspect of like which is more calm and beautiful.


Food photography

This is one of the photography genre which is not as popular as landscape or portrait photography but believe me this photography genre is as special as any. This genre is used to create some beautiful still life photographs of food.

Food photography is not as easy it seems, it requires passion and great understanding of food so that he/she can visualize the food image and shoot accordingly. A good food photographer can make simple food look delicious and tempting. Beautifully taken food images can make the viewer’s mouth water because as we all know the representation of anything matters most.


“You Eat With Your Eyes First”

If you break all this photography genre into further subcategories, there will be lot more to discuss here in this blog 🙂 We are not going to go so deep, this is just to give you a fare idea about what are different themes of photography available and  you can choose as per your interest.

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