8 Reasons to Start Your Own Photography Blog

Reasons to Start Your Own Photography Blog

If you passionate about your hobby or your profession, then blog is the best way to grow your audience and build a platform. This is true for Photography as well. Lets talk about Reasons to Start Your Own Photography Blog. 

8 Reasons to Start Your Own Photography Blog

Starting a photography blog would be a great idea and can often earn you great benefits that you couldn’t even think of. I am here just trying to inspire few people to start a photography blog of their own.

Below are 8 Reasons to Start Your Own Photography Blog

1. A Photography Blog will Help You Grow :

You are shooting pictures in a same way that you were shooting since beginning. We used to shoot the similar style of photographs, clicks image from similar angle and also post process those image in a certain style which could be redundant after some time.

8 Reasons to Start Your Own Photography Blog

A blog and pictures uploaded on your blog can inspire you to get out of that comfort zone of a photographer and share something new, exciting and different every time. You will get the most harsh critics or most beautiful comment which will really help you grow as a photographer.

2. You can become a great Storyteller:

Telling your photography story to the world is one of the best way to improve your photography skills. Blogging will help you to narrate your story to the world with all your emotions because each photograph comes with a story. You can tell and indulge people in what happened behind the photograph or how did you get to that place or how tough or easy it was to shoot any specific subject.

3. You can Build Your Own Platform:

If you have the good content and great photographs then obviously people will love your blog. Using blogging you can build your own network, audience and patform who has belief in you. You will have your own photographs and your original content that you can do whatever you want. Its your blog, your space, so use it in any way you want to grow your audience and also let them know your photography services.

4. People will get to Know You Better:

On Instagram or Facebook, people only sees your photos and do comments. But they never get to know who is the real person behind the picture. With the help of blogging you let people see more of who you are through your photos than they will on Instagram or Facebook.

8 Reasons to Start Your Own Photography Blog

Your writing style, your narration, how you explain scenarios, all these things will create an image of you that how you think about photographs, what you think about animals, whats your likes or dislikes and many more. Its the best place to know the people working behind the camera.

5. A slow but steady Growth:

Your blog could be a place where you document your own photography journey. You will be able to see your growth over time, which can be incredibly encouraging for you and for others as well. Especially on those days when you feel like your photography sucks, we all have those kind of days.

6. Critics and Comments will Make Your Better Photographer:

As you grow as a photographer, you develop your own style of photography which can be similar to someone or can be unique. You share your own photographs and blogs on social media where thousand of people get to know about your blogging and your photographs. Many will surely like all those content, but there would be few who will criticize you for your thoughts or you may get some harsh comments on your photograph. You need to take all this in a positive way and  improve it if you feel that yes he is saying correct. That how we overcome our weakness and strengthen more our strength.

7. It can open up New Opportunities:

Over time, the more you share on your photography blog, the more likely you are to show up in searches. More visibility means greater potential to be discovered by photo buyers or other sites.

Google loves blogs and bloggers too 🙂 , so you’re far more likely to show up if somebody searches for something you have shared your blog than if you’d just shared it on social media.

8. You can inspire Others:

Well to be frank, I am not a professional photographer neither a full time blogger :). But yes i like to share everything I know about photography because I have started from zero on my own by reading blogs only. So I know how importance blog is if someone really wants to learn something.

8 Reasons to Start Your Own Photography Blog

Not much, but yes I am really glad that till now I have inspired at least 4-5 people to get indulge with photography. It will make you feel damn good, believe me.

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