World’s Smallest Camera Unboxing and Sample Pictures

World’s Smallest Camera :

World's Smallest Camera Unboxing and Sample Pictures
This is probably the World’s Smallest Camera & tiniest DSLR replica you will see around and shockingly this is not a dummy piece.

Yes… !!! It does click photos and records videos too. Its a fully functioning camera like any point n shoot.

That’s quite surprising right..
Here is the World’s Smallest Camera Unboxing and Sample Pictures.
Measuring 30 x 27 x 27 mm this small piece of art is almost a square and just over a inch with all-round dimension. Its has 2 Megapixel image sensor with a plastic build all over. It has single button with one red light indicator as well, both sits on the top. Bottom side you will get a microSD card reader (accepts upto 32 GB) and micro USB port.

Depending on long press and short press, it records videos at 30 fps at 640 x 480 resolution and also captures images in 1280*1024 resolution. Along with that a re-chargeable battery with almost 20-30 min operation time from one hour charge via USB.
To shoot, you simply have to switch it on by pressing the only button sits on top. A red indicator gets ON, it means camera is ON now. To click picture, compose the image first and then click button all the way to down and release.
Accessories include a camera itself, USB cable, keychain, neck strap and Japanese/Chinese manual.

Camera Build:

pixelrajeev, tiny camera

pixelrajeev, tiny camera

pixelrajeev, tiny camera

Main Features:

-> Records audio & video to a micro SD card
-> Mini form factor makes it ideal as a spy camera
-> Saves high definition 1280 x 720 30FPS video
-> Fun and unique gift people can remember you by

Technical Specification :

– Primary Function: Miniature DVR
– Material: ABS Plastic
– Color: Black
– Memory: Micro SD card โ€“ 32GB max (not Included)
– CMOS Sensor: 2.0 Mega pixels
– White Balance: Auto
– Time/Date Stamp: Yes
– Video Recording Format: AVI (XVID)
– Frames Per Second: 30FPS
– Video Resolution: 1280 x 720
– Image Format: JPEG
– Image Resolution: 8 Mega pixels
– Minimum Illumination: 1 LUX
– Built-in MIC: Yes
– Power Source: 250mAh built in rechargeable lithium polymer battery (recharge directly from USB port)
– Full charge: 2-3 hours
– Battery life: 1 hour
– File Size: 1 hour of audio/video will use about 1GB memory
– Button: ON/OFF (Start/Stop)
– USB port: 2.0
– OS Supported: Windows ME/2000/XP/Vista (32 bit version only) /Windows7/Mac/Linux
– Dimensions (mm): 32 (L) x 32 (W) x 28 (D)

And now the most important part is …… It costs hardly 250-400 INR or US $4-$5.

You can get it from or any other sites from china or Singapore, you may get it cheaper as price fluctuates lot.
In India its also available on Amazon and Ebay but price fluctuates lot between 2000-4000 rs. I guess its too much for this sweet camera. Better you can buy from
Wish Link:

You Should or Shouldn’t :

This camera is not something you will buy for photoshoot. This is like something you wish to have and love it. Since price is not a constraint here so obviously you can go for it, it costs peanuts.

I had ordered this camera from, its a Singapore E-commerce website. Though it took almost 30-45 days to arrive in India but wait is worth when you hold this tiny piece.

World’s Smallest Camera Sample Pictures :

Ignore Date and time part. I haven’t changed It yet.. ๐Ÿ™‚

In case if any one of you buy then please let me know your feedback on camera in comments.
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