What android phones have the best cameras?

There are many factors to consider when choosing a phone for photography, and one of the most important is the camera system. A flagship phone has the best cameras, but there are a variety of other factors you may want to take into account when making your decision. 

Flagship phones typically have more features and are more expensive than midrange or budget phones. If you’re looking for the best camera in your class, it’s important to consider which phone you buy.

This is an article about the best android phones for photography. Through the article, we try to give you a clear-cut idea about top camera-based Android Phones. It can help you to keep your precious memory alive.

So without wasting any time, let’s start the post.

Form Factors of Camera Phone?

Smartphones and DSLR cameras are both types of digital cameras that can be used to take photographs. DSLR cameras are generally better suited for professional photographers or serious enthusiasts, while smartphones are more convenient for casual photographers

Different phone manufacturers have their own camera systems that make it possible for users to take very high-quality photos and videos. The flagship camera phone of a company is usually the most advanced and feature-rich device. A camera phone with a flagship design typically features an excellent camera system and a luxurious build quality.

We are considering below points while listing out top 5 mobile phones with great camera :

  • The Camera System is a fact to capture great quality photos.
  • The Crystal clear and bigger Lens also helps in great photography.
  • Focus Ability increases the details view of the object.
  • Night Photo Quality measures the capability of the camera
  • Photo Resolution is a big factor to judge the camera
  • Videography is a form factor for picking the best camera phone

Top Five Camera Phones for Android

Android holds the majority shares of the smartphone market with different categories of phones from several brands.

Among them, flagships are known for top-notch quality features including the camera. But there are tons of flagships are available in the market from different renowned brands.

We reached the decision of choosing the top Android camera phones after a long research. Though it is tough, we do it for you to pick the best one for you.

In the list latest phones are available because most of the time latest phones come with the latest and exclusive camera features. So it is obvious that they replace the old ones to take place in the list

Here are the top 5 Android camera phones

⦁ Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra
⦁ Google Pixel 7 Pro
⦁ Sony Xperia Pro-I
⦁ Xiaomi 12s Ultra
⦁ Vivo X80 Pro

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra
  • Camera System
    • Rear Camera
      • AI Quad Camera
    • 108 MP Wide
    • 10 MP Periscope Telephoto
    • 10 MP Telephoto 
    • 12 MP Ultrawide
  • Front Camera
    • 40 MP Wide 
  • Camera Features
    • Big Pixel Sensor
    • Super Clear Lens
    • Nightography with multiple features
    • Super Steady videography
    • 10X Optical Zoom 
    • Super Macro Photography
    • AI editing
    • AI farming

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra has the greatest cameras available. Because of all phones, it has the most powerful professional-grade camera. It combines many professional camera kits into a single handheld device with large pixel sensors and pixels that may change form.

In addition to the standard camera functions, the camera is enhanced with AI editing and auto framing ( two cool features of the Camera).

Google Pixel 7 Pro

Google Pixel 7 Pro
  • Camera System
    • Rear Camera
      • AI Triple Camera
      • 50 MP Wide 
      • 48 MP TelePhoto
      • 12 MP Ultrawide
    • Front Camera
      • 10.8 MP Ultrawide

  • Camera Features
    • Super Res Zoom for crisp details in the photograph
    • Macro Focus finds beauty in the details
    • Cinematic Blur to increase beauty in videography
    • Photo unblur
    • Guided Frame for better selfie
    • 5X Optical Zoom

Google has announced the new Pixel 7 Pro camera, which features a number of new and improved features. In addition to getting a built-in night vision camera, the Pixel7 Pro also supports Zoom and Optical zoom, making it easier to take great photos and videos at night.

Finally, the camera can also record in 8K resolution for those who want to capture even more beautiful images and videos.

Sony Xperia Pro-I

Sony Xperia Pro-1
  • Camera System
    • Rear Camera
      • AI Camera
      • 12 MP Wide
      • 12 MP Telephoto
      • 12 MP Ultra Wide 
      • 0.3 MP Depth
    • Front Camera
      • 8 MP Wide

  • Camera Features
    • Exmor RS CMOS image sensor
    • 2.4μm pixel pitch 
    • Improved Low Light Photography State
    • Clear Details and Artistic Bokeh
    • ZEISS Tessar optics
    • The dual aperture, Triple lens, and 3D iToF sensor

Xperia PRO-I  has some extreme camera features in the collaboration with ZEISS. The Xperia PRO-I holds a mesmerizing camera system that offers great night mode and zoom capabilities. It also has an optical image stabilization system to make videos and photos look smooth. 

Xiaomi 12S Ultra

Xiaomi 12S Ultra
  • Camera System
    • Rear Camera
      • 50.3 MP Wide
      • 48 MP Periscope Telephoto
      • 48MP Ultrawide
    • Front Camera
      • 32 MP Wide
    • Camera Features
      • Co-engineered with Leica
      • Professional Optical System
      • Professional Anti-glare Lens
      • 8P ALD ultra-low refractive optical film
      • 120 mm Telephoto
      • 13mm ultra-wide angle lens
      • Sony IMX989 50MP wide-angle camera

The design of the 12S Ultra’s camera module is quite straightforward but sophisticated. The quad camera arrangement is incredibly accurate and easy to use. The camera is arranged in an aesthetically pleasing manner with Leica’s Classic viewfinder and sophisticated workmanship.

In fact, the unusual camera configuration enhances the vision and provides a very fine-grained focus on an item.  Additionally, this professional camera includes multiple features that make Your photography professional-grade as a result.

Vivo X80 Pro

Vivo X80 Pro
  • Camera System
    • Rear Camera
      • 50MP Wide
      • 8MP Periscope Telephoto
      • 12 MP Telephoto
      • 48 MP Ultrawide
    • Front Camera
      • 32 MP Wide
      • Camera Features
      • Charismatic Portraits 
      • Cinematic Video with Zeiss
      • Glamour Glow in the Dark
      • Capture with Details and Purity 
      • Makes every movement precious
      • Zeiss optics, Zeiss T* lens coating,
      • 5X Optical Zoom

The Vivo X80 Pro Camera is a high-end camera that offers many features that make it one of the best options on the market today. It has an optical Zoom option, which makes it easy to take great photos and videos in tight spaces. The night vision capabilities are also excellent, allowing you to capture stunning images and videos at night.

Additionally, the camera has a powerful digital autofocus system that handles quickly and accurately.


In conclusion, after the discussion we understand that the best Android camera phones are those that have great shooting performance and are easy to use.

These phones are perfect for professional photographers because they hold pro-grade features. So, anyone who wants to take amazing photos and videos can pick the listed phone. 

So, let’s wrap up for today. Hope the article becomes helpful for you. Write your thoughts via comment.

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