Mastering Zoom Burst Photography : Zoom Burst Effect in Photoshop

Mastering Zoom Burst Photography :

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Today we will see how to create artificial zoom burst effect in your Photograph. This is just another photography technique where you can make or fake your photo moving in motion. This is a abstract feel that your photo is moving, although its a still image. So, what we will see today is “Mastering Zoom Burst Photography : Zoom Burst Effect in Photoshop”. 

Zoom Burst Effect while capturing photo is sometimes tricky, you do need a tripod which is compulsory, A zoom lens and a good subject. There could be times where you are not carrying your zoom lens or a tripod and suddenly you find a perfect subject for zoom burst. Should you click or not ?? Off course yes, you can give this effect later in your image with photoshop. And believe me its very quick and doesn’t eat your lot of time even if you are rookie like me. So lets start :

Zoom Burst Effect in Photoshop :

Step 1

First of all, take a backup of your original image before we start so that the original image is intact with no harm. Now, Open your photo on which you want to get zoom burst effect.

Step 2

Drag the background layer down on a new layer icon , it will  create a new layer :

Mastering Zoom Burst Photography : Zoom Burst Effect in Photoshop

Step 3

Go to Menu, Filter -> Blur -> Radial Blur. Select the blur method to Zoom and Quality to best.

Zoom Burst Effect in Photoshop

Drag the amount of radial blur effect you want in your photo. If you want a high speed motion effect it should be around 70-80, otherwise you can keep it around 40. Its a personal choice, play and experiment.

Zoom Burst Effect in Photoshop

And then press OK. ZOOOM

Zoom Burst Effect in Photoshop

Step 4

Boom, You should see this effect in your photo the moment you press OK button. But, wait. It does look weird right ? Complete photo looks in motion, so to make it little realistic we will create a layer mask (highlighted in blue) as below :

Zoom Burst Effect in Photoshop

Step 5

Select a brush tool ( highlighted below in left vertical bar ) and use your bracket to increase or decrease the size. You also need to make sure foreground is set to black ( press X ). Now paint this brush on your picture where you do not want this effect to take place.

Zoom Burst Effect in Photoshop

And believe me you are done now. Export this image from File – Export -> Save for Web n Enjoy …

Before :

After :


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