Color vs Monochrome Sensors – Use of Bayer Filter

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2 Responses

  1. Rajdeep says:

    Nice article 🙂 Couple of points to note:
    1. MI A1 does not have a wide angle lens (in comparison to its telephoto, yes). the true wide-angle sensor phone is produced by LG for its LG G6 and V20/30 series and one by Motorola.
    2. Cameras having monochrome sensors are still not producing the result which we expect them to produce. most of the time they are falling behind single lens shooters in all budget range. B/W shots are breathtaking, yes but still that’s a niche category and most people are perfectly fine with a color sensor. monochrome sensors with dual lens setup in mobile phones will be obsolete soon.

    • pixelrajeev says:

      Thanks Rajdeep for the feedback.
      yes MI A1 does not have so called wide angle lens but if you keep budget in mind and it has one telephoto lens as well then you have to consider other one as wide angle.. no rule 🙂
      For second point what i feel, as phones doesnt have much flexibility to introduce big telephoto lenses so instead of that currently most of the companies are adopting for monochrome and rgb sensor dual setup to make picture more sharp. Obviously this will not stay for long term in mobile industry.. it inevitable.

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