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Back Button Focus Explained : Back Button Focus in Nikon and Canon

Back Button Focus Explained : What we generally know since the inception of high end DSLRs, when we half press the shutter button camera focuses on subject and then we press it further to capture it. What if I would say that we have a alternate approach as well for focusing which is far better and flexible than half shutter focusing. Here we will see Back Button Focus Explained for...

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Focusing Modes In Photography Explained for Beginners

Focusing Modes There is no standard definition of focusing in photography. In layman’s term we can just say its a technique where subject of photograph should be sharp enough to distinguish from rest of the image. Here in this blog we will understand Focusing Modes In Photography Explained for Beginners. Its more like, the part of photo which you want to see should be super sharp and apart from this rest...

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How to Get Correct Exposure – Camera Metering Modes Explained

How to Get Correct Exposure : Exposure is a complex thing, each small setting and the outer conditions may affect your final photograph.  Here in this article we will see How to get Correct Exposure and different Camera Metering Modes Explained. There could be a possibility where your photographs are underexposed or overexposed with your finest settings, if that’s the case then maximum chances are that you have not selected...