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Hello All,
My name is Rajeev, I am an IT professional working currently in DELHI-NCR region. pixelrajeev
I mainly stepped into Photography as a Hobby and now I feel I am deeply attached to it and its more than a hobby now. I started photography around 2.5 years back with my first DSLR Nikon D3300 and Kit lens and since then I am just loving how camera captures each small moments which you can treasure for your lifetime.

When I stepped into DSLR world, everything was new to me, Aperture, ISO, sensor.. everything. So, I needed one place where I can find all this basic answers and how to start this journey as a rookie photographer. But it was tough as we need to start right from the basics.

Here I am just trying to create a place where anybody could feel right at home to ask anything related to photography. It could be most basic question in the world or advanced one too. On this blog I will be explaining every terms and basic concepts related to camera and photography. One can directly jump to PHOTOGRAPHY section to find how to get started and in TERMINOLOGY section where you will find each photography term explained in details.

Hope you will enjoy your visit to this blog. I am open for any kinds of feedback/suggestions,  So please feel free to comment and share your thoughts.

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